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Friday, June 23, 2017

Indiana: The State That DOESN'T Work

I laugh whenever I see the motto, "Indiana, a state that works!" Hopefully by now those of you who are democrats realize the world isn't going to end under the new President but merely move forward, same old same old. And those of you who voted Republican to repeal Obamacare are coming to the realization that the elected officials have no desire to get rid of Obamacare, instead you will be getting Obamacare 2.0 (or Trumpcare if you please). Next time maybe you will listen to me when I say both parties are the same and perhaps we could finally elect a third party in four years.
However, in the mean time, those who think the poor will be getting a logical healthcare plan that "works" like the one in Indiana had better be warned. Indiana's HiP 2.0 doesn't work. We currently have FIVE appeals going for different reasons because Anthem refuses to accept our payment or even acknowledge we have a payment due, the state refuses to use our 2016 income as our actual earned income for the past year and instead is projecting what we will be making in 2018 and using that, the state agencies have NO CLUE about the programs the state has and although my husband should have been transferred to a program that would protect him from the "You have insurance this month" "You lost your insurance this month" "You have insurance this month" ups and downs of regular HiP 2.0 health insurance, they have just dropped him from insurance altogether (this month), and finally, because although the State Insurance sent a letter to my son AT OUR HOME ADDRESS, they are denying him medication because they DO NOT KNOW WHERE HE LIVES. I kid you not. If the letter did not contain personal information, I would upload a picture of it.
Welcome to Obamacare 2.0 America. The biggest irony in this insurance craze is that people support everyone having insurance because when a poor person without insurance walks into a hospital and can't pay, the hospital has to raise prices and everyone pays for him or her. So here is the irony: With Obamacare and any other forced insurance program, if a poor person walks into a hospital (with state insurance) guess who pays for it?
Poor people DO need insurance. That is the bottom line. Because they don't have a choice: they can't afford to pay for medical care and doctors don't take chickens or allow someone to do their laundry for them anymore in exchange for service. But everyone in America doesn't need insurance. If they can pay for medical care, let them do it out of their pockets. If they can't, then everyone else is going to be paying for it no matter what.